Nexcel® Medical Barrier Films for Ostomy and other Stoma applications

Expertise in films for Ostomy and other collection pouches

The Nexcel® MF range of films is designed to help improve the quality of life of people whose medical history requires them to use Ostomy or other collection pouches.
Using hypoallergenic materials our films are specifically designed to be as discrete as possible through their soft touch and quietness. The superior barrier properties keep any unpleasant odours and moisture inside the pouch whilst it is worn.
They are used by the major Ostomy care providers for colostomy, urostomy and ileostomy pouches and are in available various thicknesses and in clear or tan versions.
Nexcel® MF films provide excellent performance in terms of:
  • Sealability and seal integrity
  • Odour barrier
  • Liquid and gas barrier
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Softness and quietness
  • No skin irritation
  • Dimensional stability

Current Product Range

  • MF283 63µ clear
  • MF513 75µ clear
  • MF514 75µ skin
  • MF532 100µ clear
  • MF540 100µ skin
  • MF 552 100µ white

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