Nexcel® Medical Device Packaging Films

Thermoforming films for Gamma and e-beam sterilization

M20xx is an advanced thermoformable base web. It offers superior forming characteristics and excellent dimensional stability so there will be minimal reversion or snapback during the production process. With excellent clarity and gloss, M20 is easy to use, gives excellent presentation and maintains the sterile barrier for up to 5 years. Its toughness and puncture resistance means it is possible to downgauge by up to 50 microns (2 mil) on a 200-250 micron (8-10 mil) film being used today. M20xx is available from 65 to 300 micron as standard thicknesses and can be produced up to 400 micron.
M27xx is a brand new material currently undergoing validation and which promises a new era in thermoforming web thanks to its innovative structure. The fully coextruded film offers brilliant optics and cavity pockets which are stiff with no reversion in the corners.
M28xx is a standard thermoforming web for high-volume manufacturing lines. Its nylon core gives excellent stability whilst being soft enough to run at high speed using coated or sized papers. The result is a tough reliable cost-effective package with good optics.
M60xx is a top quality web designed to be used with uncoated papers and Tyvek®. Processability and material strength are maintained whilst the sealant layer characteristics ensure constant peel strength with no apparent fibres. This innovation allows for significant cost reductions by moving from coated to uncoated top webs with equivalent performance.
M60xxWT is a peelable white top web to complement M60xx base web and presents the same characteristics
MT100-70 is a standard forming web available in Asia only to meet the requirements of the local market. It has top quality forming characteristics, is tough and easy to process on most thermoforming machines.

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